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Auto Warranty Leads USA

Leads USA is pledged to quality. Thus the auto warranty lead generated by Leads USA target customers who wish to buy auto warranties for their vehicles. The reason for this interest in the purchase may be because the customer may not have any auto warranty at the moment or they may be interested in a coverage extension on their current warranty.

Auto warranty leads are obtained through various sources emerging from affiliate companies and websites. There are many ways to generate customer database. One of the ways is when the customer comes online on Leads USA website looking for auto warranty. He then fills up the form for auto warranty, thereby showing interest in being contacted. This is how the list of potential customers is generated online. There are also other means like PPC and online advertising which are used to generate the database.

Once the list has been generated, our expert customer verification team calls up the customers, verifies the information like name, address, contact information, vehicle information, etc. Register online with us today and get your leads delivered to you in no time at all. If you have any questions, talk to our leads expert. Call now!

Once the customer professes his interest in getting an auto warranty, the agent asks for the ideal time and date for contact. The lead is thus completely verified, interest confirmed. If the customer matches your criteria, the lead is sent to you in real time or exclusively by email or through a CMS system.

All the leads bought by our clients are date and time stamped. All auto warranty leads generated are kept alive only for the next 24-48 hours and then recycled. Leads USA also offers other kinds of leadsFHA mortgage leads, debt settlement, debt management, live transfer leads, debt consolidation, bad debt leads, adverse credit leads, reverse mortgage leads, refinance leads, pharmacy leads,etc.
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