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Rage of the Age HAMP Leads from Leads USA

There are many changes occurring in the market today. One of them is a new development called HAMP. The HAMP program or The Home Affordable Modification Program came into existence in 2009 and has been holding the market together, trying to give the homeowners some hope. It is a solution for those owners who use their house as their residence and are in grave danger of foreclosure.

Leads USA qualifies HAMP prospective customers based on the criteria like customer going through strong financial stress, the loan taken on the house must not have originated after first January 2009. The balance of the principal mortgage amount should not be less than $729,750. The last criteria to qualify for the HAMP is to ensure that the outstanding mortgage balance is not more than 125% of the current value of the house.

HAMP is one program that not many lenders sell and thus the leads can be available for you in plenty. Simply call us today and order your set of fresh HAMP leads. Closure of a HAMP application can help you get $1000 plus $1000 for the next three years of modified payments made by the borrower. It's time to earn, time to close more deals. Join hands with Leads USA and get the best HAMP leads in real time.

All leads come with a replacement guarantee. The price of leads depends upon the criteria requested by the client and the order placed. Leads USA provides leads that come with basic information on customer along with the requested details as per the criteria.

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