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Choose The Latest Leads Option With HARP Leads From Leads USA

Leads USA keeps a sharp look around in the market and is always ready to serve its clients big and small with the latest and fresh options. One such option that came into view with a large customer database ready to be explored was HARP leads program.

HARP leads are a novel option that mortgage community has in its bag now. Close to a refinance loan, HARP or Home Affordable Refinance Program was launched around a year or so ago and is also called DU refinance or DU plus. This option came into the view due to Congress' struggle to regain a mode of equilibrium in the mortgage market and help people retain their homes from the fear of foreclosure.

There is a huge potential in the market for HARP. Leads USA collects its database of interested customers through online research, surveys, website forms filled by customers, etc. The customer is then called up by Leads USA team and qualified for the program.

Leads USA can deliver you soft inquiry HARP leads as well a pre-qualified HARP leads. With internal customer verification already done by us, all the lender or broker needs to do is get back to the customer within 24 hours of lead delivery.

For those new to HARP leads but wishing to go ahead and try it, call us and let one of our leads expert help you out. Once you have understood all about the program, it will be an opportunity you would not wish to miss. Register with us today and get fresh HARP leads delivered on your email address daily.

HARP customers fall between the category of FHA refinance customers and traditional refinance loans.

Leads USA also offers other kinds of leads – FHA mortgage leads, debt settlement, debt management, live transfer leads, debt consolidation, bad debt leads, adverse credit leads, reverse mortgage leads, refinance leads, pharmacy leads,etc.
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