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Pre Foreclosure Leads USA

With pre-foreclosures coming up to a record high levels, it is only logical that brokers and lender look at pre-foreclosures with an eye for making a neat income. Get pre-foreclosure leads from Leads USA before the banks hits the notice filing default made by mortgagor.

Leads USA offers two kinds of leads when it comes to pre-foreclosure. One is the lead where the data of the customers has been sourced directly from the public records available from the courthouse of a particular county.

The other source is the credit bureau. Of course these lists are updated in the Leads USA database system on a weekly and at times monthly basis. Leads USA gains most of its database from official credit bureau since public records are at times out of date. Once the records have been gained, the customer is called by the team at Leads USA and the information is verified. If the customer shows an interest in getting help, your pre-foreclosure lead is ready to be delivered to you in real time.

Leads USA targets those customers who are genuinely in a struggle to make payments. It firmly believes that those potential customers that deliberately invite a pre-foreclosure and are unemployed may not be the best profitable deal for you. However, if you are looking for such customers, Leads USA caters to your demand.

All you need to do today is fill up a form online and register with Leads USA. The prices of the pre-foreclosure leads will depend upon the criteria requested, the amount of leads ordered by you and its availability.

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